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Beware of circle pits and concrete floors.

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Mar. 24th, 2008 | 02:59 pm

All right Hal, here's that journal entry you wanted.  I went to see Municipal Waste and Iron Lung last week with my friend Hal.  I showed at Hal and Michelle's, had a brief conversation with Michelle, and we headed off.  Shortly after we got there Iron Lung went on.  I hadn't seen them before, but I'm not sure if I'd heard them before.  They were really good.  There are things about their sound that people who different tastes in heavy music could latch on to.  Municipal Waste set up and started to play.  They had a big banner behind them, they had a good sense of the fun in their music, and were just plain awesome.   It was great to see an 80's crossover style band (Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, MOD, etc,) live.  This sort of stuff is some of the first non-mainstream music I heard when I was in middle school.  I got in the pit during the first Municipal Waste song, and

It was a great show, but that put a damper on things.  If that was going to happen, it could at least have been at end of the show.  Oh well.  For every person saying I should go to the emergency room to get stitched up, there was another who thought I could bandage it up and be fine.  I ran into my friend Aaron, who took some pictures he should email me soon.   I took this with my cell phone.  I got a really cool "Thrashin' Of The Christ" shirt, and Hal and I headed home.  We almost went to the emergency room, but Michelle called and talked some sense into me.  That stuff is expensive.  She also called the next morning to make sure I was okay, which was very nice of her.  I patched myself up and had no major problems until about 5:00 at work the next day.  After having been at work for a few hours, all of a sudden the wound started bleeding again.  I left work , then went and got butterfly bandages, which I hadn't found the night before.  I haven't had a problem since.  Recently, I also got new glasses (not in the picture) and went out for an excellent lunch with my family on my mom's birthday.  There also a few things which deserve their own post if I'm going to write about them. 

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from: funkyirishjew
date: Mar. 25th, 2008 03:24 am (UTC)

wear it with pride.

there must have been something off in reality that day, same day you went to the concert I caught a elbow in the chin and a punch in the left eye.

granted, in my environment those things are more likely to happen, but hey, pit scars rule.


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(no subject)

from: mamabirdie
date: Mar. 25th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)

LOL! And happy to hear you are really okay, days later! at least you'll have a really cool face scar. :) oh the stories you'll be able to tell your fellow elders some day.

i'm excited to peek in on weed garden. ;)

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